Emily Perreira

Huntress  ~ Conservationist ~ Outdoor enthusiast  ~  nurse 

Get to Know Me

By: Emily Perreira | June 15, 2017

I can remember my first hunt like it was yesterday. I remember the stock, the aiming, and the recovery, but most clearly I can still remember the amazing adrenaline rush that I had. The feeling of your body shaking uncontrollably and your heart pounding against your chest may sound familiar to many. From my very first hunt fifteen years ago, I became absolutely obsessed with hunting and the outdoors. The once pastime and hobby has now become my greatest passion in life and apart of who I am. To me hunting is so much more than just about harvesting an animal but about conservation, being in the great outdoors, providing wild game for your community, and creating memories and friendships that will truly last a lifetime.

Being raised by parents who own and operate both a hunting outfit and taxidermy shop, has given me the unique opportunity to grow up in the outdoor industry surrounded by hunting. Now being twenty years old and having an active part in both of my family’s businesses, today I am a licensed hunting guide in the state of Hawaii, allowing me to share my passion with others.

The outdoors has given me once in a lifetime opportunities and has allowed me to travel the world and see places that I never would have visited otherwise. Being the recipient of the 2016 Safari Club International and Cabela’s Young Female Hunter of the Year Award has opened my eyes in a new way to the outdoor industry. This platform has allowed me to be a role model and advocate for hunting and the outdoors in ways that were once beyond my imagination. In the future I hope to continue being an advocate for hunting. My goal is to inspire others and to share my passion for hunting with the entire world.