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​By: Emily Perreira | June 15, 2017

Big Boar Down

​By: Emily Perreira | October 24, 2017


I can remember my first hunt like it was yesterday. I remember the aiming, the shot, and the recovery, but most clearly I can still remember the amazing adrenaline rush that I had. The feeling of your body shaking uncontrollably and your heart pounding against your chest may sound familiar to many. From my very first hunt fifteen years ago, I became absolutely obsessed with hunting and the outdoors. The once pastime and hobby has now become my greatest passion in life and apart of who I am. To me hunting is so much more than just harvesting an animal but about conservation, being in the great outdoors, providing wild game for your community, and creating memories and friendships that will truly last a lifetime....

Huntress  ~ Conservationist ~ Outdoor enthusiast  ~  nurse 

Emily Perreira

The grass moved in front of me. Twigs broke. I heard a grunt followed by the sound of tusk sharpening.
He was coming. “It had to be him,” I thought. I’ve been watching a blonde boar with black spots in this area all summer, but it never gave me a shot.
I straightened my Sitka facemask, pulling it above my nose. This was my chance. Shaking, I slowly reached for an arrow from my quiver, trying to be as quiet as possible. The grass continued to move and the grunts continued to get closer.
In the dry brown grass in front of me, I saw a snout poke out, with 180 pounds of boar to follow. There he was. The boar I had been watching all summer was coming straight towards me rooting at the ground, not noticing me hiding in the brush.
I reached for my range finder at my side and ranged him. 28 yards.My heart began to beat against my chest. It was so loud that I thought the boar could hear it too.